Support Dyslexia

Stock up your favorite DYSLEXIA GEAR and MORE shipped right to your door! Shop for APPAREL & GEAR for the whole family, and show your SUPPORT for the AMAZING DYSLEXIC THINKERS in your life. When you purchase from, a portion of all sales will be used to fund & support dyslexia initiatives, Hope curriculum development, site development, and other literacy projects with our amazing partners.  Be sure to check out our Support Dyslexia SHIRTS, HATS, HOODIES, SCHOOL SUPPLIES, and other fun MERCH & ACCESSORIES. 

SUPPORT is on a MISSION to CHANGE PERSPECTIVE and help society THINK DIFFERENTLY about DYSLEXIA. At SUPPORT we believe in the importance of ACCOMMODATING both the ACADEMIC and EMOTIONAL needs of students by SHARING & TEACHING a POSITIVE perspective and message of HOPE. 

Our goal is to EMPOWER, CONNECT and ENCOURAGE any way can. We aim to EXPLORE IDEAS and SHARE SOLUTIONS, Learn to TEACH DIFFERENTLY by understanding that PEOPLE LEARN DIFFERENTLY, to HELP DRIVE AWARENESS towards DYSLEXIA INITIATIVES, to EMPOWER our TEACHERS, TUTORS, and other EDUCATORS, to LISTEN TO and CREATE SOLUTIONS by leveraging our best assets... the hard earned EXPERIENCE and INPUT that our SPECIALIZED EDUCATORS, LITERACY EXPERTS, and GLOBAL THOUGHT LEADERS have dedicated their lives to LEARNING and sharing.